Wear Our History on your Feet!

Our  History  Sox are available at the Museum Store. Only $10 Remember the Museum Store has a sale 20% off on most items for Museum Members and 10% off for Non-Members in November and December! Our Christmas Tree Sox celebrate the first Fallon Christmas Tree in 1929. There are Cantaloupe Sox, Hang in There Sox, and…

Smashed Pennies make a Great Gift

You can make your own souvenir pennies with four designs:  Our Museum Logo, Churchill County Logo, Route 50 and Pony Express Logos.  Only 50 cents plus a penny each. Collect and trade them with your friends!  The Museum Store also has penny passports for sale.

Columbia Space Shuttle

Do you remember this? In this photo is the Columbia Space Shuttle landing on national television in November of 1981.  During launch, it reached a max speed of 17,400 mph. This photo is from the Joyce Alcorn Photo Collection.

Spaghetti Feed – Support Churchill County Museum November 16th

Join us November 16th from 11:00 Am to 7:30 Pm for a Spaghetti Feed Fundraiser Benefiting the Churchill County Museum Sponsored by the Copper Queen 1915 Outpost of the Julia C. Bulette 1864 Chapter of E Clampus Vitus $10 for Adults and $7 Children 11 and Under See you at the Museum 1050 S. Maine Street,…

Treasure Tuesday – WWII Army Air Corps Jacket

Welcome back to Treasure Tuesday! In honor of Veteran’s day we’re looking at one of our army jackets. This one belonged to Army Air Corps 2nd Lieutenant Don R. Powell (Riley) in WWII. We salute all veterans, including Lieutenant Powell, and thank you for your service.

Veterans Day

Veterans Day, previously know as Armistice Day is a holiday observed annually to honor people who have served in the United States Armed Forces. In  this photo a Disabled American Veterans member is presenting a Poppy to Mayor Merton Domonoske. The poppy is worn to represent and pay respects to those who died at the…

The Tailboard Scraper

There was blacksmith in Fallon by the name of George Spreyer. He had a patent on a leveling machine which soon gained the title of “The Tailboard Scraper.” The first 10 to 15 years saw almost all land in Fallon prepared in that Fashion. The scrapers came in various sizes depending on available horse power….