Wear Our History on your Feet!

Our  History  Sox are available at the Museum Store. Only $10 Remember the Museum Store has a sale 20% off on most items for Museum Members and 10% off for Non-Members in November and December! Our Christmas Tree Sox celebrate the first Fallon Christmas Tree in 1929. There are Cantaloupe Sox, Hang in There Sox, and…

Smashed Pennies make a Great Gift

You can make your own souvenir pennies with four designs:  Our Museum Logo, Churchill County Logo, Route 50 and Pony Express Logos.  Only 50 cents plus a penny each. Collect and trade them with your friends!  The Museum Store also has penny passports for sale.

Christmas at the Museum

Still looking for more Christmas cheer after Friday and Saturday? Come to the museum and check out our decorations. In addition to the shop and our scent-sational temporary exhibit, A Scratch ‘N’ Sniff Christmas, we’ve decorated throughout the main building. See if you can find all the exhibits we’ve spruced up!


Mary (Aldrich) Smith with spouse on wedding day December 7, 1946 during WWII. Exactly 73 years ago to the day.

Coverston Garage

An antique automobile being lifted while a  man is working on the vehicle. #AutoService

A Scratch ‘N’ Sniff Christmas – Our Newest Exhibit

The weather outside is frightful, so come into our warm, dry museum and celebrate by checking out our newest exhibit, A Scratch ‘N’ Sniff Christmas! This scent-sational kid-friendly exhibit is only open until the 27th, so make sure to come take a look (and a whiff) before we send it back to the North Pole!

Treasure Tuesday – Cash Register

Were the lines on Black Friday frustrating? Well at least the cashier didn’t have to use one of these! This antique cash register was used in the Kolhoss’s grocery store located at 263 S. Maine St. from 1920-1984.