Dog Days of Summer

Come enjoy the last days of summer here at the Churchill County Museum. Classes are $5 each or free with a Churchill County Museum membership.  Complete this registration form and sign up at the museum!

All the Cool People Wear History Soxs !

  Stop in to purchase your new history sox.  There are Snowshoe Sox, Roadside America Sox, and Chicken Sox.  ( There would be Earthquake Sox, but the Director can’t spell — those will arrive later)  Only $10 a pair.  That’s $9 if you are a  member.

Wear Our History on your Feet!

Our  History  Sox are available at the Museum Store. Only $10 Remember the Museum Store has a sale 20% off on most items for Museum Members 10% off for Non-Members in November and December. Our Christmas Tree Sox celebrate the first Fallon Christmas Tree in 1929. There are Cantaloupe Sox, Aviatrix Sox, and Hang in There…

Smashed Pennies make a Great Gift

You can make your own souvenir pennies with four designs:  Our Museum Logo, Churchill County Logo, Route 50 and Pony Express Logos.  Only 50 cents plus a penny each. Collect and trade them with your friends!  The Museum Store also has penny passports for sale.

Back to School

Today is the first day of school for most kids in Churchill County. We want to wish good luck to all of the students this year. In this photo are kids playing in a playground at the Cottage School in 1980.


In this photo two boys are standing on Beaver Dam at Timber Lake on lower Carson River on August 10, 1995. This is from the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Narrative Report Collection. #OhDam!


In this photo are two young ladies, Minnie Theelen (Branch) and Annie Theelen (McLean), hugging each other near a bridge in August of 1902. This photo is from the Madeline McLean and Lovena Chapman Photo Collection.

International Cat Day

Happy International  Cat Day! Hope you have a pawsitively purfect day ;). These kittens are feline good. #CheckMeowt #Meowyouseeme #meowyoudont #InternationalCatDay

Nevada State Fair

In this photo is a man sitting in front of the “Nevada State Fair and Rodeo August 31 – September 4” sign circa 1940.