Wear Our History on your Feet!

Our  History  Sox are available at the Museum Store. Only $10 Remember the Museum Store has a sale 20% off on most items for Museum Members and 10% off for Non-Members in November and December! Our Christmas Tree Sox celebrate the first Fallon Christmas Tree in 1929. There are Cantaloupe Sox, Hang in There Sox, and…

Smashed Pennies make a Great Gift

You can make your own souvenir pennies with four designs:  Our Museum Logo, Churchill County Logo, Route 50 and Pony Express Logos.  Only 50 cents plus a penny each. Collect and trade them with your friends!  The Museum Store also has penny passports for sale.

Treasure Tuesday – Bathroom Scale

Tomorrow we’ll be three weeks into the new year. How are those resolutions going? If you’re struggling, it might be time to scale back. For instance, if you have one of these in your bathroom you might want to update, since Landers, Fray, & Clark only made scales from 1936 to 1965. Yes, it still…

National Popcorn Day

  Happy National Popcorn Day! In this photo, Maryland Erkid is preparing popcorn with his vintage machine. 1918

Farm Fresh Activities at the Discovery Room!

Looking for something new to do this weekend? Our Discovery Room has tons of new farm-related activities to do! Come on down and try your hand at some farm chores (even if you live on a farm, it’s always more fun when you don’t have to do them!) or make your own chicken friend to…

Appreciate a Dragon Day

Happy Appreciate a Dragon Day! In this photo are Kids walking in the PTA parade on Maine Street by Bob’s Liquor. This was the E.C. Best third grade class dragon costume in 1982.

National Hat Day!

Happy National Hat Day! Today’s the day to sport you best hat. In this photo is Minnie Blair in a boat relaxing on the water, sporting her snazzy hat and dress circa 1914.