Fall Lecture Series Starts This Tuesday

The completion of the Transcontinental Railroad in 1869 changed America in myriad ways, not the least of which was the ability to traverse the country in days rather than weeks or months by wagon or ship. Mr. Thielen will present several ways the completion of the Transcontinental Railroad affected everyone, including significant changes in communications,…

All the Cool People Wear History Soxs !

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Wear Our History on your Feet!

Our  History  Sox are available at the Museum Store. Only $10 Remember the Museum Store has a sale 20% off on most items for Museum Members 10% off for Non-Members in November and December. Our Christmas Tree Sox celebrate the first Fallon Christmas Tree in 1929. There are Cantaloupe Sox, Aviatrix Sox, and Hang in There…

Smashed Pennies make a Great Gift

You can make your own souvenir pennies with four designs:  Our Museum Logo, Churchill County Logo, Route 50 and Pony Express Logos.  Only 50 cents plus a penny each. Collect and trade them with your friends!  The Museum Store also has penny passports for sale.


On September 13th, 1913 a Flash flood occurred in Goldfield Nevada doing extensive damage to several parts of the town, including Goldfield Laundry and telegraph lines pictured below.

Read A Book Day

Hey I bet you didn’t know it was Read A Book Day. If you find some time, its always great to curl up with a good book. Don’t have a book? No worries our local library has a ton they are willing to loan. Get out there and get reading! Also… This photo is from…


In this photo are 10 people poking their head through the Wagon Wheel. This photograph is from the “Mary Freeman Collection”.