Cantaloupe and Dam Masks!

Getting tired of wearing the same boring masks over and over? Well, now you have options! The Churchill County Museum now has both Hearts of Gold and Lahontan Dam masks. These are limited-edition and only available here, so act fast! Available in-person or at our online store. Just click the links to go directly there!…

International Cat Day!

Happy International Cat Day! Meow we have a paw-sitively purfect joke for you. What is a Cat’s favorite Dessert? Chocolate Mouse! This photo is from the Laura E. Mills Photograph Collection, May 15, 1953.

International Day of Friendship

Happy International Day of Friendship! This photo is from the Joyce Alcorn Photo Collection and was taken in December of 1982.


Former Nevadan Governor Mike O’Callaghan standing in front a helicopter with two local Politicians. (Circa 1971) This photo is from the Barbara Burgess Collection.

Leon Ellis

Leon Ellis Outfitted for a day of work on the Danielson’s Ranch in Dixie Valley. (Circa 1920) This photo is from the Ellis Family Collection.