McCormick Grain Harvester

This is a photograph of McCormick Grain Harvester. This photo is from the “Willie Capucci Photo Collection”.

Fire on East Williams Avenue

In this photo, is the Texaco Bulk Plant fire on East Williams Avenue in 1968. This photo is from the “Elmer Woolverton Photo Collection”.

Main St. 1912

Railroad Construction Teams leaving (main) St. Fallon. It is a great view of the old buildings along Maine Street. On July 23, 1912, they saw the volunteer grading crews passing through Fallon. They were on the way to begin grading the Fallon Electric Railroad line. The railroad was never completed.

First School Bus

In this photo is Fallon’s first school bus. This photo is from the “Florence Kent Wallace Collection”.


In this photo is Bane, Ed and Jim Stark in Dixie Valley. This photograph is from the “Pat Stark Getto Collection”