Kids Playing

What did kids do to entertain themselves before phones and computers? Well, they climbed and played atop of suspension bridges and ladders. This photo is from “Barbara Mills Hill Photo Collection”. #TheOriginalMonkeyBars


Atha, Harold, and, Aubrey Sander sitting with their dog, Jip, in front of the wall of trap catch furs. This took place in Fallon, NV in 1913.  This photo is from the “Aubrey Sander Collection”. #Trapping

Covered Wagon

In this photo is  a covered wagon being pulled by two horses for the American Legion Rodeo in a parade. In September of 1935, they strolled past buildings such as the Lahontan Club among others on the street. This photo is from the “American Legion Photo Collection”. #HoldYourHorses

Fireman Carry

In this photo is four firemen in “One man carry drill”, standing is Lee Harcroft. This took place around 1910. This photo is from the “George & Alfred Luke Collection”.  


The Fallon Fire on Main Street began in the kitchen of Barrel House Cafe. The fire destroyed six buildings in 1926. This photo is from the “Clarita Davis Lindsey Photo Collection”.