Glee Club

The unidentified members of the Oats Park School Glee Club pose for their school photo int he 1950’s. This photo is from the “Churchill County Museum Inventory” photo collection. #glee

West End Band

‘Twas a glorious day in Fallon, Nevada,  when the West End Band with second and third graders, paraded down Maine Street, performing with their instruments. The iconic old cars and buildings lined the street as the parade-goers enjoyed the show in the 1950’s. #TheSoundOfMusic


In this photo is Jimmy Griel at the Indian Ceremonials. This photo was taken in the summer of the late 1930’s, in Reno, Nevada. This photo is from the “Churchill County Museum Inventory” collection.


Charles Allworth is bareback riding at the rodeo in 1943. This photo is from the “Nevada Historical Society” Collection. #OhNoMyHat!


The children are playing baseball, in class, at Oats Park school, in 1948. This photo was taken by Laura E. Mills. #NextBabeRuth? #HeyBatterBatter