Sage Spirit Dancers. This was the first original group of the sage spirit dancers. This group of dancers performed at many activities throughout Fallon. Some identified dancers include Elliott Yesslith, Jillian Yesslith, Lee Ann Boothe,  and Gladys “Se-Wa” Lewis  

Smokey the Bear

It is fire season here in the Lahontan Valley so here is a blast from the past reminding us all to be safe! Pictured is Smokey the Bear on a firefighting plane in a Carson City parade in 1965. Smokey has been teaching the public about fire prevention since 1952 using his famous slogan, “Only…

Churchill Bank Building

Churchill Bank Building offices This image was donated for reproduction by Glenna Palludan. This color photograph of the “Palludan Arcade Building” was located on the back of the Douglass Bank photograph.


Oats Park and Fallon Swimming Pool; dedication ceremonies, July 1930. Fallon High School Band furnishes music for ceremony. Band members. Band instruments. Spectators.

Happy Independence Day

Not only is it Independence Day, it is also the 50th Anniversary of the Churchill County Museum! We hope you enjoyed the parade! Parade, downtown Fallon, Maine Street. East side and west side of street, businesses. Courthouse. Horse club/group. Bicycle riders followed by walking group of children and mothers. Fourth of July, 1977. Spectators line…