Three unidentified individuals are harvesting onions in a field. This photo is from the “Blair/Millward Collection. Fun Fact: You cry when you cut onions because they release a chemical irritant called Syn-Propanethial-S-Oxide. Your eye then produces tears as an reaction to dispose of it. #OnionFacts


Happy Superbowl Sunday everyone! Who are you rooting for, the Patriots or the Rams? In this photo is┬áH.G. Chubb in his football gear. This photo is from the “Churchill County Photograph Collection”. #SuperbowlLIII

Women’s Suffrage

In this photo is a Women’s Suffrage parade in front of buildings downtown in Washington D.C. in February of 1917. They are holding a sign saying “We demand an amendment to the constitution of the United States enfranchising women of this country”. This photo is from the “Churchill County Photograph Collection”.


In this photo is E. W. Blair with Helen, bud, and their baby on the beach, sitting under an umbrella wearing old fashioned swimsuits. #DayAtTheBeach. This photo is from the “Blair/Millward Collection”.


In this photo is Waldo Proctor, Clarita Fortune, Harold Proctor, and Eunice Allen, Grandchildren of pioneers Lt. Governor Lemuel and Sarah Ann Peugh Allen, posing for their picture in front of their house around 1910. #cheesin