Sand Mountain – Northern Nevada’s playground – just east of Fallon.  

Did you know that Charles Lindbergh and “Spirit of St. Louis” visited Northern Nevada? This photo from our collection is not crisp and clear, but worth a mention given the historic connection. From the Reno Gazette Journal, September 1927: Famous pilot Col. Charles Lindbergh landed his single engine, monoplane, the “Spirit of St. Louis”, at…

206 E. Center Street

Kolstrup Garage with Rollie Kolstrup standing beside car.  Vintage car 30s? 40s?  Make?  As always, your stories and input are most welcome.

J.C. Penney’s Store on Maine Street, Interior view.  Pictured in the Fabric Department is Mrs. Elmer Jensen.

Grain harvest equipment (thresher) with unidentified crew.