Treasure Tuesday – Train Stove

Things are getting a little chilly, so for Treasure Tuesday this week we have our wood-burning railroad stove! This stove was produced by the Abenbroth stove company of New York. It sat in the caboose of a train to help keep workers warm. Its one burner might have been useful for making hot drinks!

Treasure Tuesday – WWII Army Air Corps Jacket

Welcome back to Treasure Tuesday! In honor of Veteran’s day we’re looking at one of our army jackets. This one belonged to Army Air Corps 2nd Lieutenant Don R. Powell (Riley) in WWII. We salute all veterans, including Lieutenant Powell, and thank you for your service.

Treasure Tuesday – Keystone E 753

Trying something new this week- Treasure Tuesday where we pull an object from the collection to show off every week! Let’s get things rolling with our 1930s Keystone E 753 camera.  The film would feed from one spindle to the other, but it would have to be passed wound through all of the machinery near…

New – Video Feedback Booth

We’re trying new things at the museum, and the newest of these is trying to figure out how you feel about these new things. We’ve put a video feedback booth just outside the gift shop to give visitors the chance to tell us about their experiences on the way out. Stop by and let us…

New Photo Booth Options!

Looking for a new and exciting profile picture? Come to the Museum! Starting today we have two new background options for our photo booth – historic photographs and postcards of the Lincoln Highway and illustrations from our upcoming Children’s Book, The Adventures of Beatrice Badger on the Lincoln Highway! Beatrice will stick around for a…