New Virtual Exhibit – Churchill County Schools

Congratulations to all of the graduates of CCHS! You’ve now joined a long line of folks who have gone through the Churchill County School System, even if your senior year was more than a little different than anyone else’s. As a way of celebrating you, and your many, many predecessors, we’ve put together our biggest…

Operation Haylift

It’s starting to get hot outside, so let’s all take the time to think some cool thoughts. Like, “sheep stranded by several-foot-high snow drifts” or “thawing your truck with a blowtorch because it’s frozen solid.” Sound fantastical? Well, it happened here 70 years ago! To learn more, check out our Operation Haylift exhibit here!

Lincoln Highway Exhibit – Now Online!

Missing traveling? Not make it to the museum to see our Lincoln Highway exhibit? Well we have the solution to both of those problems! The digital version of our exhibit from last year “Linkin’ the Country on the Lincoln Highway” is now live on omeka! Click here or on the photo to take a look!

The Fallon Theatre: A Century of Change Now Open!

Our newest exhibit, The Fallon Theatre: A Century of Change is now open in the Dodge-Fitz Gallery! It gives both an overview of the Fallon Theatre‚Äôs rich 100-year History and an opportunity to experience how the movies were when it opened. Be sure to stop by and try our innovative interactives and hands-on activities! Exhibit…

New Admin Building Exhibits!

Next time you’re in the Churchill County Admin building make sure to keep your eyes peeled for these two cases near two of the entrances. They’re brand new exhibits that our curators put up a few days ago! One is on agriculture in Churchill County and the other is on history of recorded sound.