Mary Foster Oral History

Going from one photographer to another, this week’s interview is with Mary Foster. She moved to Fallon in the 1930s and became its premiere photographer, though she faced significant barriers as a woman. Sadly, we no longer have audio for this interview, but you can read the transcript here!

Fall Fun at the Museum

Yes, we know, mid-September isn’t the time to start celebrating Halloween, but better late than never! We don’t have the quantity of decorations we do for Christmas, so we’ve carefully hidden fall-themed pieces in or around 5 of our period rooms. Drop by and see if you can find them!

Albert Alcorn Oral History

This week’s interview is with Albert Alcorn, a prolific Churchill County photographer, and it’s a bit different. This interview was not done as part of the larger project, but we’re including it since it gives a snapshot of Churchill County from the 1960s to 80s. Listen here!

Cantaloupe and Dam Masks!

Getting tired of wearing the same boring masks over and over? Well, now you have options! The Churchill County Museum now has both Hearts of Gold and Lahontan Dam masks. These are limited-edition and only available here, so act fast! Available in-person or at our online store. Just click the links to go directly there!…

Alice Lofthouse Ferguson Baker Oral History

This week’s oral history is with Alice Lofthouse Ferguson Baker. She worked for Churchill County Telephone and Telegraph for 30 long years and was on board for many of the major technological changes in the middle of the last century. Take a listen here!