Charles Frey Oral History

For this short week, we have a short history with Charles Frey. Even those new to town are likely familiar with the Frey family and their success with distilling. Now you can learn how they came to Churchill County here! Photo is an areal shot of the Charles Frey ranch, taken at an unknown date.

Rough Roads?

Many of you probably noticed that they’re doing construction on Maine Street in front of the Museum, but don’t worry! We have a solution that doesn’t involve driving over massive pits. Instead, why not come around to the Tolas Place side? The museum is still open 10-5 Tuesday-Saturday and 10-3 Sunday. (Click link to see…

Catherine “Sue” Amelia Lerch Fitz Oral History

Are you a crafty person? This week’s interview with Sue Fitz offers an interesting insight into her time designing and making her own clothes, along with her experience teaching the craft to children in 4-H. Take a listen here!

New Holiday Mask

This year’s holidays are gonna be a little weird, but they’ll still be worth celebrating. Because of that, we’re bringing you a new holiday mask, depicting Fallon’s Maine Street Christmas Tree, you know, from the Beforetimes. Get yours today in store or online here!

Harold Fitz Oral History

This week’s oral history is with Harold Fitz, who talks about his work as a foreman with the Civilian Conservation Corps here in Fallon. Take a listen here!