Wooly mammoth . . . on the move. This often asked for former resident of Churchill County Museum moved, with the help of may friends, to the Children’s Museum in Carson City about ten years ago. Gone, but not forgotten.

Unidentified School Children

New acquisition – just “appeared” on Research Curator’s desk this week, donor unknown. Guestimate – photograph of children are likely 6th graders and could be at taken at Cottage School. No one in image has been identified making it difficult to estimate year/place/ages. Input, please, if you can shed light on this.

Caption on this photograph is “Football Team”. There is no other identifying information, not even a date.

Evans-Burchell Hardware . This building was originally located “around the corner” from present day La Fiesta Restaurant.

Fallon’s Spudnut Shop image has been posted before, but – another year, another view – and, hey, Sunday is doughnut day, isn’t it?  This little shop is a memory everyone seems to love.  Excerpt from Wikipedia re: history of Spudnut shops : “After brothers Al and Bob Pelton of Salt Lake City ate potato-based doughnuts…