Share the LOVE Event

This Valentine’s Day, share some Beatrice LOVE!¬† All Beatrice merchandise, books, t-shirts, and puppets, are 20% off this week through Friday!¬† Come on down to the museum and check it out!

Treasure Tuesday – Vintage Valentine

We’re at the threshold of another holiday, so we didn’t want to miss this window of opportunity. Since the 1800s card companies have latched onto the idea of puns for Valentine cards. And why wooden’t they? Knob-body would blame you for opening with this line! We’re not entirely sure when this card was given, but…

Rattlesnake Hill

Harry Huff Pierce and Stanley Marean on February 10th at Rattlesnake Hill, 4195 feet above sea level. It was said that Stanley frequently visited the hill in the early year of Fallon, partially due to the view of the valley floor, but also because he viewed the growth of Fallon as inspiration. (Circa 1906-1910)  

National Pizza Day

Did you hear about the guy who got an extra job as a pizza chef? He kneaded the dough. We know pizza puns are cheesy, but we want you all to have a slice day on National Pizza Day! In this photo is a man working with dough at Old Nevada Pizza restaurant.

Safe Delivery

Hermann Safe Company truck delivering  a Vault to the Churchill County Bank on Maine Street circa 1920 #SafeDelivery