Treasure Tuesday – WWII Army Air Corps Jacket

Welcome back to Treasure Tuesday! In honor of Veteran’s day we’re looking at one of our army jackets. This one belonged to Army Air Corps 2nd Lieutenant Don R. Powell (Riley) in WWII. We salute all veterans, including Lieutenant Powell, and thank you for your service.

Veterans Day

Veterans Day, previously know as Armistice Day is a holiday observed annually to honor people who have served in the United States Armed Forces. In  this photo a Disabled American Veterans member is presenting a Poppy to Mayor Merton Domonoske. The poppy is worn to represent and pay respects to those who died at the…

The Tailboard Scraper

There was blacksmith in Fallon by the name of George Spreyer. He had a patent on a leveling machine which soon gained the title of “The Tailboard Scraper.” The first 10 to 15 years saw almost all land in Fallon prepared in that Fashion. The scrapers came in various sizes depending on available horse power….


Beeghly Family Circa 1910 including: Samuel, Calvin, Fianna, Wen, Elzy, Bernice, and Lyle.

Treasure Tuesday – Keystone E 753

Trying something new this week- Treasure Tuesday where we pull an object from the collection to show off every week! Let’s get things rolling with our 1930s Keystone E 753 camera.  The film would feed from one spindle to the other, but it would have to be passed wound through all of the machinery near…