Beatrice Badger

Beatrice Badger is on a new adventure quarantined alone in the museum!  Follow her antics on her Facebook page:  Beatrice Badger at the Churchill County Museum.  There you can see videos, posts of various activities, and even learn a new favorite song of hers!  You can also learn more about Beatrice Badger on the museum’s webpage-she…

Oral History – Elena Getto Cunningham

Today’s oral history is with Elena Getto Cunningham. She talks about her parents’ immigration from Italy and setting up the ranch here in Churchill County. Click here to listen to it.

Hidden Cave Tours Cancelled

The BLM has annouced that tours of Hidden Cave have been suspended. Watch the museum website andfacebook page for the announcement of their resumption.  

1918 Flu — Advice

As true in 1918 as it is today. Coughs and Sneezes do spread diseases! Today we would add do them in your Sleeves. (Fallon Eagle 10/19/1918 page3)  

Oral History – Firmin Bruner Part 2

As promised, today we have the second part of the Firmin Bruner oral history. This section talks more about his later career in construction and is full of great stories of a number of wacky situations. All parts are linked below for convenience: Part 1 Part 2 (new today!) Part 3 (previously uploaded) Happy listening!