Alice Lofthouse Ferguson Baker Oral History

This week’s oral history is with Alice Lofthouse Ferguson Baker. She worked for Churchill County Telephone and Telegraph for 30 long years and was on board for many of the major technological changes in the middle of the last century. Take a listen here!

Todayborday is Labor Day!

We hope you enjoy this day dedicated to the hard work and sacrifice of those involved in the labor movement and who continue to protect the rights of workers. If you will be celebrating with others, remember that masks can help even outside! But maybe get one that covers your mouth, unlike this gentleman who…

GERMS!!! – New Item in Museum Shop

Lately, we’ve all been working hard to keep Coronaviruses out of our homes, but we hope you’ll make an exception for these because they’re so gosh darn cute (and will not make you sick in any way)! To go with our new Corona Cooties exhibit, the museum now has toy germs available in two sizes…

James “Jim” Allison Oral History

This week’s interview is with Jim Allison, perhaps best known for his long career with the Fire Department. He started off as a volunteer fireman, later became fire chief, and ended up being fire marshal. Take a listen here!

Mary Ellen Allen Oral History

Today we have a short interview with Mary Ellen Allen, who married into the Allens, one of the first settler families in Churchill County. You can hear her story here! (If you missed her husband, Lem’s, interview, which we posted last year, it is also linked in her interview)