INTERIOR FALLON EAGLE NEWSPAPER OFFICE,1915- Abe Shirley (left) and Del Williams (right).

A hunting we will go …. two hunters with geese … The men and young child are not identified and the donor of this photo is unknown, as well. Time frame? 1910s? 1920s?

PTA Parade, 1954 – Mrs. Evelyn Casey’s class. Sign on wagon: Casey’s Overland Stage. The Barrel House and the Western Hotel can be seen in the background.

Campfire Girls in Halloween costume. Oats Park School. Photo dated 1940.

Off the beaten track….  Upsal –  Siding and former station along the Southern Pacific Railroad.  This is a Laura Mills photograph from the 1950s-60s. Strangely there is not a cloud in the sky – ask any LEM student and they’ll tell you she always advised to have clouds in your photograph to add depth and…