Oral History – Ward Nichols

Ward Nichols was interviewed because he is the great-grandson of Warren Williams. His story helps explain what happened to this illustrious Fallon family and their ranch. Take a listen here!

Oral History – Cousie Coverston Nelson

Today we’re talking to someone who was there for one of the major points in Churchill County History, the opening of the Truckee Canal. The little girl in this picture is Cousie Coverston Nelson, who grew up right at Lahontan Dam, as her father worked in the power house. You can hear her story here!

Oral History – Lewis Moiola

Many of our previous oral histories have brushed against the work of the Civilian Conservation Corps here in Fallon, but today we’re dealing with it directly. Lewis Moiola worked with the CCC boys for many years in this valley. You can listen to his experiences here!

Oral History- Helen Blair Millward

We have a sweet treat for those of you who remember the Spudnut Shop – An interview with Helen Blair Millward, who brought it to Fallon! Also, if the name Blair is familiar, that may be because her mother was Minnie Blair, for whom the high school building is named. Take a listen here!

Oral History – Wayne and Annie Mills

If you, like many Americans, have been ordering more and more things online the mail is probably on your mind a lot. It can be frustrating when things come late, but the work of a mail carrier has never been easy. To illustrate that, today‚Äôs interview is with Wayne and Annie Mills who both worked…