This picture of Dorthy Cooke, “standing in” for the band concert, was taken by her father in 1913. Her father Joe Cooke was a skilled machinist and electrician, who was hired to work on the Newlands Project to  construct the Lahontan Dam in 1911. Joe Cook preformed his own  developing and printing of photos. You…

Under Soda Lake

1978. Ed Glaso, underwater diver exploring ruins at Soda Lake. If you want to know what is lurking under the water of Soda Lake and why, stop by the Churchill County Museum and find out!

Nights of Arabia

1967. Nights of Arabia; Arabian horses and riders, most likely at Sand Mountain. From the Laura Mills Photo Collection.


Turkey Tuesday being plucked and cleaned


Gasoline Traction Engine, combined with a harvester and thresher on a large ranch 8 miles south of Fallon, possibly Island Ranch. “The gasoline traction engine is a live subject for the pen, and one that is drawing its share of attention from the public mind of today. Although it has come to stay, its possibilities…