Appreciate a Dragon Day

Happy Appreciate a Dragon Day! In this photo are Kids walking in the PTA parade on Maine Street by Bob’s Liquor. This was the E.C. Best third grade class dragon costume in 1982.

National Hat Day!

Happy National Hat Day! Today’s the day to sport you best hat. In this photo is Minnie Blair in a boat relaxing on the water, sporting her snazzy hat and dress circa 1914.

Treasure Tuesday – Argo Chem Supply Thermometer

It’s still a bit chilly out, so to keep an eye on that temperature we brought out our outdoor thermometer from Argo Chem Supply Co., which was on 500 Grummow Drive (west of Fallon just off Highway 50) from 1969 to 1985. Turns out it’s a nice and toasty 74 degrees in object storage!

National Milk Day!

Bet you didn’t know today is National Milk Day! In this photo is The Creamland Dairy Milk Delivery Truck with a dog in the drivers seat in 1955. #gotmilk

Treasure Tuesday – Year 2000 Barbie

Happy New Year to all, and a special happy birthday to this week’s Treasure Tuesday find! Here we have a limited 2000 edition Celebration Barbie doll. Still doesn’t look a day over 20, which is good because that’s how old she is now! She’s one of several special Barbies we have, but the only New…