Enjoying Hidden Cave in the 1980s.

People are still visiting today – and enjoying it every bit as much. The latest tour was this morning when a group met here and the museum and followed their BLM tour guide to the site.  If you’d like to join in, the free BLM tour is on the second and fourth Saturdays each month…

Giant Phototripod being used on Truckee-Carson Experiment Farm.

INEXPENSIVE MICRO-CAMERA, 1918. Ever wonder how our ancestors managed without the technology we take for granted today? They created their own. F.B. Headley, employed by the Experiment Farm, took many photographs of plant diseases and bacteria using nothing more than the magnifying properties of a microscope.

Fallon Pioneer Family: Sheckler

Pictured here in front of their residence are “Grandma Sheckler, Bev and Betty”.  (Grandma would be Nina Sheckler; it is likely the man  is mis-named and is actually  Daniel Jr who had a daughter named Betty – as always, your input is welcome) According to the family history on file, Daniel Lincoln Sheckler and his…

Installing Warning Signal on Williams Avenue –  January 1981.