This is Maine Street in Fallon after the 1907 flood. The flood destroyed most of the homesteaded farms. This photo is from the “Enlow Estate Photographs”.

Cub Scouts

In this photo is a local cub scout den. This photo is from the “Laura E. Mills Photo Collection”.  Were you ever in a Boy Scout troop? #BePrepared

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving from our museum family to yours! Fun Fact, this is Helen Blair on the cart, being pulled by a turkey. Helen’s mom, Minnie owned a successful turkey farm, that shipped turkey to 39 states, Canada, and Mexico. The business closed in 1946 because they retired, but only for a short period of time…


In this photo is Alex Oser and Hammie Kent with their humongous halibut that they caught on the ocean, in 1955. This photo is from the “Hammie and Nina Kent Collection”. #CatchOfTheDay #DoYouEvenFishBro?

1952 Oats Park Squad

In this photo is the 1952 Oats Park Squad basketball team. Back row, left to right: Paul “Jess” Williams, David Phelps, Bob Trivett, Dennis O’Connor, David Benson, Steven Davis, Tom Rosevear, Lem “Buzz” Allen, Frank Miller, Orside Graves – Coach. Front row, left to right: Dick Lee, Gerald Boden, Bob Lee, Jim Davies, Roy Fields,…